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Welcome to the Arizona Leaverite Rock and Gem Society, Inc. Website


 Why You Should Join Our Club!

The Arizona Leaverites Rock & Gem Society, Inc., an Arizona 501(c)(3) tax-exempt corporation, was formed in 2003 as a charitable foundation to facilitate volunteer activities and to provide a way for people and companies to make tax-deductible gifts to support the goals of the Arizona Mining and Mineral Museum. Since 2003 the Leaverites have provided the museum with over 35,000 dollars worth of display cases, museum lighting, and CDs for Teacher Kits. Additionally, the Leaverites have sponsored a state-wide museum Outreach Program where volunteers have provided support for well-received mining and mineral educational enrichment programs for schools and clubs across the state.


What's the Best Thing About Being a Leaverite?

Our goal is to have fun with all our club activities! Many of our founding members have been active since the clubs' inception and there are many members that have considerable technical expertise in geology, lapidary and the jewelry arts. You can always count on learning something new at the meetings or on a field trip. The club used to provide considerable support for the Arizona Mining and Mineral Museum, but it was closed by an Arizona Historical Society.  The Leaverites are now helping the new Earth Science Museum, as this museum is geared towards rock hounds and physical science education of children.


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